Buffalo Creek Road Community Path

Earlier this year, Black Mount and Asahi, in partnership with the local residents of Buffalo Creek Road, constructed the approximately 4km-long Buffalo Creek Road Community Pedestrian Path.  Creation of the path was in direct response to a request from local residents of Buffalo Creek Road to assist in providing a safe alternative for pedestrians, bicycles and horse-riders alongside the road used by our tankers to access our Myrtleford water source. The new path enables local residents to traverse a safe surface and route along the roadside, clear of traffic.

Black Mount’s contribution included design, local liaison with residents & council, followed by construction of the agreed path design.  Local residents, Marilyn and Richard, represented the local residents in requesting the path, then assisted Black Mount’s Kristin Carey in walking the route to create a feature survey for design purposes.  Information on the consequent design proposal prepared by Black Mount was then communicated to to interested residents via Marilyn and Richard to seek feedback on design acceptance or suggestions prior to construction.




Alpine Shire Council engineers were then invited to review the community-accepted design for technical road and drainage suitability and Council approval.  Being in an area of high rainfall, the path traverses low-lying swampy areas, solves considerable drainage issues with the inclusion of approximately 25 culverts and is constructed of the required fill to create an undulating walking route and is topped by a 150mm deep layer of road base and compacted crushed rock surface.

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Once approved, Black Mount managed the construction tender and execution, followed by Council-inspection and acceptance.  Alpine Shire Council representatives were happy with the standard of the constructed path and agreed to maintain the path as part of their ongoing asset register in the local area.

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At an approximate cost of $100K, the community path was jointly funded by Black Mount, Asahi and the local council.  It is a wonderful community project providing a direct benefit to the local residents.  Black Mount is in the process of planning an official launch of the community path in the next month or so and has submitted a proposal to Council to officially name the path “Webb’s Trail” after Nat Webb – the original pioneer of the road.  Nat’s wife is still living in Myrtleford and his son is based in New York.  The completed path has been well-received by locals and is in daily use by local mothers with prams, horse-riders and cyclists accessing the nearby national park trails.

Black Mount also supports local community groups - Myrtleford Table Tennis Club and the Myrtleford Football & Netball Club – via sponsorships and purchase of necessary equipment.