To go to the source of the crystal clear, refreshingly pure water you enjoy today

You have to go back three million years. To a time when Western Victoria was in the grip of an outbreak of volcanic action. Unlike less dramatic eruptions in the district, Black Mount at Millbrook exploded into a massive fire fountain. Glowing red lava was thrown high in the sky and cooled and solidified as it fell back to earth as highly porous scoria. A volcanic cone standing one hundred metres above the surrounding countryside was created. Not one but two craters formed in the cone, like two giant cups rising above the land.

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The abundant rainfall on Black Mount is captured in the cone and perculates down the scoria until it srikes a dense lava plug in the throat of the volcano.

On the way, the fine scoria filters out any particles from the rainwater and adds a minute concentrate of minerals. At this pont the purified water moves laterally, emerging as springs on the lower slope of the cone.

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All this takes place well above the surrounding water table resulting in the water that springs from the heart of the volcano is pure, fresh and protected from any possible contamination.

The water is purified by nature. You couldn't hope for a better design!

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Our pristine sources are located throughout Australia

Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland (Brisbane / Gold Coast) and Western Australia (Perth). This diversity not only allows us to maintain a sustainable supply to our customers, it also means we are able to offer a range of compositions and tastes to suit different customer’s taste profiles.

Our Locations

From the Victorian Yarra Ranges for spring water with exceptionally low Total Dissolved Solids, to our sources in the Central Highlands of Victoria for water that is full of essential minerals.

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Black Hill – our original spring located near Ballarat, in the Central Highlands of Victoria.  High in natural minerals and a highly sought after pH of 8.1, this water closely matches the analysis used by the Evian brand and is a favourite of the Asian markets.


Powelltown – a pristine property set in the Yarra Ranges of Victoria, this water has the lowest mineral content of any natural spring water on the market.

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Musk – located in the historic Hepburn/Daylesford spa region of Victoria, this source is used by many of the leading bottlers in Australia.  With a pH around 7 and a TDS midway between Black Hill and Powelltown, it caters for all tastes.

Buninyong Springs

Buninyong - our export quality spring water, located at the foot of Mount Buninyong in western Victoria.  With a high pH of 7.5 and mineral content of 300ml/L, we have set this source up for bladder and container packaging for supply worldwide.


Traveston - located in the Sunshine Coast, a picturesque property surrounded by native bushland.  It’s a wonderful source of low mineral, fresh spring water for the QLD market.


Springbank - one of our more recent sources, has been set up to the highest quality standards.  Located in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Springbank produces some of the finest water in Victoria.

In addition, we have a range of sources throughout Australia to suit all bottling locations. For a full analysis of our spring water range, call us on (03) 5368 9872.